The Big Question

Who am I really?
You have probably asked yourself that question many times – perhaps especially during periods of your life where there have been many changes, or where important choices in the making. We need good answers to that question when we navigate in life. But actually, not just in times of crisis of identity is a point of orientation every day, both internally and in our dealings with the rest of the world. When you meet other people, it happens almost automatically that you form an impression of who they are. Is he a charmer or a nerd? Is she someone you can confide in, or should it be a little on duty?

Most people feel that they are quite unique. And with some justification: No one else has seen, thought and felt exactly the same as yours.
So how can one generalize about what human identity is? It is one of psychology’s major challenges, but it is not easy although there is much to explore: How can The identity commonality across different people and how it is specific for each person? Where does our identity come from?


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