Home decorating ideas from Alexandra Høholt

Nordisk hygge - Alexandra Høholt
Since Alexandra Høholt bought the 130 m2 large apartment three years ago, it was a classic craftsman deals where everything needed some tender loving care. Today there are clean lines of her apartment in central Copenhagen.

Alexandra Høholt describes its style and interior decoration as “Minimalist and rough with lots of natural materials.” A recurring feature of the apartment is that, with few key things is flexible in its design. The apartment office is for example a dining room.

Flea Fund and raw details
In the kitchen is the raw brick exposed and paired with stylish elements from Siemens and seasoned with flea market finds. Together, it is a raw, but warm expression.

Favorite rooms
Alexandra Høholt may involve an extra room to create wellness bathroom and place a small walk in closet. “The bathroom is definitely my favorite rooms in the apartment. Originally, the kitchen, where today’s bathroom.” A tip to the bathroom from Alexandra Høholt are built-in shelves in the shower.

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