Save the world, a small piece at a time

Today I was out in the city (shopping) and then I met a boy who sat and cried. Every single person I saw walked by and had what-is-going-on-with-that-guy-over-there face, and I chose to go up to him and ask what was wrong .. I did not expect  an answer, but yes, he answered .. Honest answer. MUST SAY. I became hugely emotional for him. I invited him out and drink a cup of tea, so hopefully he got to think of some other thoughts .. In an awkward moment, he said: “There are really good people. Thank you!” / Made my day. A conversation with a stranger, change more than what you actually know ..

A comment from a guy on Facebook:
It’s very much about the courage to face the world. Faith hope and love are in short supply just because so many just pass by. We are not many who dare. Everyone will do something, but no one does. You’re more than welcome. Gratitude for the things that really matter is something I very rarely feel. But this time I am touched. Continue to save the world. A small piece at a time.


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