And this was Lindsey Wixson after an army of makeup artists and hair artist had run their fingers through her hair and skin. The inspiration for the hair was no other than Grace Jones, and the hair do that Sebastian’s hair artists did at the Designer’s Remix show was a modern take on the square front that Grace Jones is famous for. The gold stencils under the eyes were hand cut by the makeup assistants and is in line with the big focus right now on makeup stencils in all forms and colors, not least metallics. Glue them on with lash glue. It doesn’t bother the skin and is easy to remove.

Among the beautiful faces backstage at Designer’s Remix I found top model Lindsey Wixson, whom you might now from some of the most prestigious campaigns and editorials right now. Lindsey is as famous for the gap between her teeth as for the bee-stung lips and rosebud cheeks. I had a talk with the beautiful American model, who was originally in Denmark for holidays and not for work. We talked about Denmark that she visited for the first time with her boyfriend and some friends, but definitely not the last time. We talked about beauty tips, and for Lindsey water is everything, “especially in summer where you easily dehydrate” and we talked about Lindsey’s favorite cream, “it’s Simply Divine Amazing Face. I buy it on I love that cream, it is natural and gives a beautiful skin”. While we were talking, a team of nail artist came to do her nails. “Oh, it’s the pointy look,” she said, when they started filing heavily. She took it well. “Okay, there is no danger of me being attacked now. I can kill anyone with these.”

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