What About God?

The majesty of our earth, the beauty of life, are they the result of a natural process called “evolution” or the work of a divine creator?
This question is at the heart of a struggle that has threatened to tear our nation apart. For fundamentalist Christians like Ken Ham evolution is an evil that must be fought. ”Well, I think it’s a war. It is a real battle between world views.”
For embattled teachers in Lafayette, Indiana, evolution is a truth that must be defended. For Christian students at Wheaton College evolution is an idea that is hard to accept. For all of us, the future of religion, science and science education are at stake in the creation-evolution debate.
Today, even as science continues to provide evidence supporting the theory of evolution. For millions of Americans, the most important question remains: What about God?

Why do we believe in God? That is the question.
All our expectations – is there really a life after death? Is there?
Every single time, something happens, it could be something bad, tough or good – and we are like: “God is watching.“
We pray. Why? Why do we pray? Because when we let our thoughts and prayers out, we feel like, we get some energy and power.
All our religions are keeping us human away from each other, also our different cultures.
For example:  homosexual people cannot have a love life in the Middle East. That is not allowed, and some places it is not illegal to be homosexual, and you can even die for it.
People are like: We live in 2012, why so serious? Some others are like: Our religion says that it is not illegal to be homosexual. A relationship is only a man and a woman, end of story.


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