“You’ll even wonder if it really happened. Don’t worry. It did.”

God, I Love New York

Every girl who plans on moving to New York dreams of that amazing “Sex and the City” fantasy life. In reality, unless you’re a Trust Fund baby or have some sort of a sugar daddy (it’s New York, anything’s possible) don’t count on it! While New York has it’s own amazing charm and excitement, plan on being broke and not giving a damn because let’s be honest… it’s New York F’in’ City!

I read this piece from a blog a while back I can’t remember where from… but to me creates the perfect setting of what its like to live the “New York City Dream”

“Move here when you’re 18 or 22, maybe even 24. Come from somewhere else-the north, south, west, Xanadu- and come to realize that everyone living in New York is a transplant. Even the ones who grew up on the Upper East Side end up moving…

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